Essex has been a part of UKISAR since its inception back in 1992. The Essex UKISAR team,
Coordinated by the USAR Station Commander Terry Jewell is predominantly made up of the Essex USAR personnel.

It is comprised of 11 fulltime USAR personnel and 4 flexi officers. The 11 technicians are split over the two station watches and as such, are highly skilled in all of the USAR competencies as well as additional skills such as rope rescue, water rescue and boat, and search management among others. The capability is supported by a pool of trained USAR reserves that are available to ensure a full strength team can always be sent on training exercises and deployments.

The 4 flexi officers can provide operational commander as well as the Hazmat functional roles.
Essex UKISAR team have participated in many overseas deployments to Iran, Indonesia, New Zealand and Nepal. The vast amount of operational experience and knowledge gained by the team attending this type of incident has been passed on to search and rescue colleagues around the world in such countries as India in November 2016 delivering Search and Rescue training and Abu Dhabi in 2015 delivering Hot Cutting training to their Police international rescue team.

The teams 2 Sector Medics have also attended Advanced Medic training in South Africa in 2015 to advance their trauma / casualty care skills. The team have attended and participated in most of the major exercises including Denmark in 2016, Venice in 2015 and most of those held in the UK.