The Scottish ISAR team is made up of 14 serving firefighters.

The team is predominately based in the Grampian and Tayside area of Scotland. This is to allow for training as team members attend from across the north east of Scotland.

There is a variety of experience within the team with team members working within different areas of the service such as training departments and operational stations

There are a few new members who recently joined the team and are eager for their first deployment to put into practice all the training that they have received having heard about previous deployments that our team has taken part in.


Our team have been deployed as part of the overall UK team to the following earthquakes: Algerian, 2003. Pakistan, 2005. Sumatra, 2009. New Zealand, 2012. Nepal, 2015.

In addition to these deployments we take part in National and international exercises including Italy, Denmark, Canada etc to ensure we are prepared for any future deployments.