In October 2017 the UK hosted an International Modex based in Merseyside and Greater Manchester. A consortium led by The Johanniter, who were awarded Lot 3 by the European mechanism to stage a number of exercises within the EU.

In this exercise a medium USAR module from Iceland (ICE-SAR), a medium USAR module from France (FRA-SAR), an EMT 1 mobile team from Germany (JUH EMT), a drone capacity from France (RPAS), a Hungarian USAR skeleton module as well as a TAST from Italy and a UCP team trained their capacities. A total of 129 participants joined this exercise.

The exercise is based on ‘real time’ although this is all run in a 48 hour window and provides the participating teams with real challenges exposing them to real decision making pressures that they can expect to encounter in the event of a ‘real on-set disaster’

The training site in Bury, Greater Manchester is a new venue that has been developed and continues to be developed for all kinds of Blue Light Training. This combined with the facilities in Merseyside provide fantastic readiness training for our International Search and Rescue Response.